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CatalyzerCatalyzer Vol. 3: Layers & Stuff
Tutorial Video for ImageFX

Catalyzer Vol. 3 FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: What is Catalyzer Vol. 3?
A: Catalyzer Vol. 3 is the third in our award-winning series of tutorial videos for Nova Design's image processing program ImageFX.

The tape is 80 minutes long, and is project-based. That is, you work along with the tape on useful projects using the material on the included floppy disks.

And this volume of Catalyzer includes 3 floppies worth of material, including a copy of the ImageFX plug-in Time Machine, a slew of FXForge filters, and a PanCanvas 2 demo. We use ImageFX 4 throughout the video. You can reproduce most of the techniques in ImageFX 2.6 and 3, but you will really want to get 4 to make the most of your graphics work.

Q: What will I learn by watching Catalyzer 3?
A: We cover ImageFX 4's new layering system in detail, starting with the basics all the way through several creative examples. We also discuss the new animation facilities in ImageFX 4. If you've ever wondered how ImageFX's scanner and printer interface really works, you'll find the answers you need, including which models work with ImageFX, how to hook them up, and how to get the best mileage out of the ImageFX drivers.

There's more. We show you FXForge, the Photoshop-compatible effects engine. We even show you how to animate FXForge and many other sophisticated multilayered effects using Steve Chapple's Time Machine program, included with Catalyzer 3! You'll also learn all about our new plug-in for ImageFX: PanCanvas 2. We have received many requests for tutorial material on PanCanvas, and we listened!

Q: Are there any support materials so I can follow along?
A: There are three floppies that are packed with everything that you'll need to follow along with the tutorials on the video.

Q: Are there any other goodies on the floppies?
A: There are several. Theirs is a demo version of PanCanvas 2 that you can take for a test drive. There's also a full version of Steve Chapple's Time Machine - which is a program that we also cover in the video. You'll also find an archive of hundreds of filters for FXForge - all have been renamed to be Amiga friendly and ready to go!

Q: How can I easily find a particular section on the video?
A: We include a guide to the sections on the video along with running times. This is good if you feel the need to review a particular section of the video in the future.

Q: What if I haven't seen Catalyzer 1 & 2?
A: No problem. The videos are installments in a series, not "sequels," so although understanding the topics in Volumes 1 and 2 will give you a better overall understanding of the power of ImageFX, you can learn from one tape without the help of the other two. You'll be happy to have seen them all, but it's not required. With the premiere of Catalyzer Vol. 3 we have introduced attractive pricing for the earlier volumes. Check out our Order page for details.

Q: Is Catalyzer 3 available in PAL?
A: Unfortunately, no. We have made many attempts to get PAL distribution, but all have ended unsuccessfully. We will continue to investigate this possibility further and will report when we have secured a quality PAL distributor. Keep an eye on our website for details.

Q: Is this the same tape you promised a long time ago?
A: Yes and no. We always planned on doing a Catalyzer #3. By the time production began, ImageFX 3 and 4 presented so many exciting new features that we felt it was more important to explore the advanced capabilities than some of the topics we planned to cover back when ImageFX 2.6 was the newest version available.

Q: Why come out with this tape now?
A: We promised that we would. While it's later than we would've liked, at least we kept our word and have finished a tape that we're all very proud of. With things being what they are in the Amiga market, we can really use your help in getting the word about these tapes. We're also glad to have shot it so recently because it's full of relevant information that all of us who are Amiga survivors need.

Q: How did you do that cool oscilloscope effect in the opening and the closing?
A: It wasn't with ImageFX, but with a few pieces of video gear we had lying around the studio. Learn about it on our Neat Stuff page.

Q: What equipment did you use for the production?
A: Lots of people ask us about this, so this seems to be an appropriate time to geek out a little bit. We shot the whole video using the Canon XL-1 digital camera, and the Amiga 4000's output was on a Retina ZIII 24-bit board running through a really good video encoder (to convert the signal into Y/C). We did the switching live using the Video Toaster and transitions from Nova Design's Millennium collection for the Toaster (which you should buy from Nova Design). All of this went onto a miniDV Sony GV-D900 deck. We edited entirely using the DraCo, did titles using Monument Designer, and output to a Sony BetacamSP PVW2800 deck. Yep. We really put on the dog this time.

Q: Do you have other products for ImageFX?
A: Besides the two other volumes of Catalyzer, we have our plug-in for ImageFX: PanCanvas 2. PanCanvas 2 is a popular program among videographers and graphic artists who want to smoothly pan and zoom across a still image - much like in documentaries. The new version is twice as fast as before, supports many options for saving, can apply macros to frames while rendering, is able to create FlyerClips, and much much more. Read the FAQ for PanCanvas 2 for additional information.

Q: Do you have future products in the works?
A: We have several new projects that we are working on now. We have a few more tricks up our sleeves for ImageFX users, and a few others for the Amiga community in general. The best way to stay informed is by checking out our website and joining our mailing list. That way we can let you know what's percolating in our underground labs.


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